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Icheon Testing Center
Lighting Testing center

Reliability and environment testing

We provide various testing services for environmental conditions such as dustproof, waterproof, temperature and humidity change to ensure performance and safety during the development stage of electric and electronic products.

Major Test Service Targets and Scope

  • • Dustproof and waterproof (IP)
  • • Light distribution characteristics of lighting equipment
  • • Temperature and humidity environment (-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃)
  • • Illumination and brightness, brightness, Flicker
  • • Thermal shock test
  • • Simulation of tunnel lighting
  • • Salt spray test (corrosion resistance)
  • • Total luminous flux, radiation flux, color temperature characteristics
  • • Vibration / Drop / Impact Test
  • • Evaluation of electromagnetic radiation and conduction characteristics

A procedure for reliability and environment testing

  [Various guides based on test results and analysis results]