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Safety Testing

The use of electrical / electronic products or various industrial equipment is dangerous to the human body or may cause injury. Use or operation of the product may involve electrical shock, fire, physical or chemical hazards.
Safety testing is a comprehensive safety review of products, apart from simple electrical safety. Product safety management systems are being implemented in various regions and countries.

Safety certification service

KC, KOLAS, E-Standby, Energy Efficiency (Korea), CE(Europe), UL/NRTL (USA), CB, Manufacturers on demand test

Subjected products


Saftey test for domestic and internaional approals

We provide a local safety test by specification of electric safety confirmation test institutes, CB test by CBTL designation, CE and various overseas safety tests for North America (UL, CSA, NRTL) and other countries.

Parts and manufacturer's on demand Test

We provide testing services according to IEC and UL standards such as insulating paper, discharge IC, resistance test (UL Witness) and other manufacturer's test specifications.


E-Standby / Energy Efficiency Test

We provide domestic standby test and energy efficiency consumption test service by qualified testing institute qualification.

Subjected items

Information and communication equipment, audio / video equipment, household electrical equipment, instrument / laboratory equipment, lighting equipment, medical equipment, computer, monitor, adapter, parts (insulating paper, resistance, discharge IC) etc.

Saftey Test items

Power Input Test ㆍ Contact (Leak) Current Test ㆍ Ground Continuous Test ㆍ Insulation Resistance Test ㆍ Temperature Test ㆍ Surge Test ㆍ Operation Voltage Measurement Test ㆍ Abnormal Condition Test ㆍ Safety Test of Equipment etc.