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RF Testing

Wireless Telecommunication Devices

To reduce the risk of harmful interference to radio waves, human safety and human health, to reduce the risk of affecting the safety and service of the public communication network, and to ensure the efficient use of radio resources and the performance and quality of radio equipment. Provides authentication services to ensure reliability.

RF Certification scope

KC, KOLAS (Korea), CE(Europe), FCC(USA), ISED (Canada), TELEC (Japan), Vietnam

Subjected products


Subjected items

4G / 5G mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, Wireless LAN, RFID / USN, wired devices connected to the public wired communication network, wireless devices , various kinds of wireless communication devices

RF Test Items.

Antenna Power Test, Occupied frequency bandwidth test, Frequency tolerance test, Unwanted Emission Test, Adjacent channel leakage power test, Tx Spurious emission Test, Rx Spurous emission