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EMC Testing

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

EMC is a basic standard that every electronic device must have, and it is a mandatory requirement for major overseas markets as well as protecting the radio environment.

EMC Certification scope

KC, KOLAS, (Korea), CE (Europe), FCC(USA), ISED(Canada), VCCI(Japan), Vietnam, RCM(Australia), IECEE

Subjected products


Electromagnetic compatibility Test (EMC)

In order to prevent interference with other electronic equipment due to electromagnetic noise emitted from the electronic equipment, the emission amount of electromagnetic noise is controlled to be below the standard level (EMI, electromagnetic interference), and the performance of the electronic equipment is maintained even in a strong external electromagnetic noise environment (EMS, electromagnetic susceptibility) to ensure electromagnetic compatibility.

Subjected items

Computer products, USB products, Mobile phones, Wireless devices, lighting devices, Broadcast receivers, Home appliances, Multimedia devices, Navigation devices, Control devices, etc.


Automotive Test (KN41)

The after-market electronic device mounted inside the vehicle is becoming diverse due to the advancement of the technology, the electromagnetic wave generated from the product can affect other devices, and the product with low immunity in electromagnetic environment may be damaged to human life due to malfunction, so the evaluation should be done on a strict basis in the development process.
EStech supports European standard EN 50498 and KN41 test in Korea, and supports services that customers can satisfy.

Subjected items

ECU, displays, cigar jacks, and other electronic devices used in vehicles


Electromagnetic field (EMF) Test

Applies to human-wearing appliances and similar appliances that generate a magnetic field in the range of 10 Hz to 400 kHz.

Subjected items

Electric pad, Induction range, etc.

EMC Test Items

RE, CE, ESD, RS, EFT, Surge, CS, PMF, Dip